Attn: All marketers and WordPress Users

Do You think your wordpress setup is right ?
If you are spending more than a minute  to set up your
wordpress site, then you are wasting your time.

Setup your Wordpress Site the proper way.

  • Bulk Posts Create or Delete.

  • Create or Delete Pages.

  • Customised Legal Pages .

  • Back Up / Restore Data

  • Search engine friendly

  • Industry Leading Wordpress Security.

Hurry! The prices will go back to normal in

wpAutomator automates almost everything and
creates a brand new site in under a minute
with everything you need.

Hi Bijay here.

I am a fellow marketer like you and have created a ton of websites using wordpress.

Be it a landing page or a blog or a e-commerce site.

If you are like me and have done that then you know that wordpress install comes barebones.
Its upto you to add on to it. Right ?

What I needed was something that is my checklist kinda thing.

Also once the checklist is checked, I just wanted a push button so that I can press it and everything on the checklist is done for me.

If you're setting up a wordpress based site, then imagine all those things that you need to take care of before you can even get started. I have never finished setting up a wordpress site in under an hour.

It's because of all the jargon that comes with the default installation. You need to go through all of that one by one which is really something I dont enjoy and I bet you don't too.

If you want to do it right then it takes a ton of time… and if you want to outsource, it will cost you hundreds of dollars everytime.

Let's just talk about a few things that really need to be taken care of.

  • Setting up new pages.
  • Setting up Permalinks.
  • Setting up new categories.
  • Setting up your info details.
  • Getting you site ready for backup.
  • Managing all security settings.
  • Creating contact us page and configuring plugin to go with it.
  • And so many more .....

Then, depending on the nature of your site,
you will also need to have these legally required pages in your site like -

  • Privacy policy,
  • Affiliate disclaimers (Amazon affiliate for example),
  • Copyright pages.
  • About Us Page
  • Terms and Conditions

 It will take at least 4 to 5 hours by the

time you have it all ready.

Going down the list and taking care of all of these menial tasks can be a lengthy, boring process.

If you plan on handling multiple WordPress sites in various different niches
we could potentially be talking about hours of your valuable time.

Wouldn't it be a lot better if you had a tool to automate all of these different time consuming tasks?

It turns out there is....

 A wordpress plugin that has a checklist of tasks that you can tick and press one button and its done.

Create Posts And Pages

Remove Sample Post & Pages

Install Multiple Plugins

1 Click - Search Engine Ready

Comments Management 

All legal Policy Pages in a Click

Its a swiss army knife for affiliates, bloggers and
internet marketers that will do all these tasks in a click.

User Management

All Affiliate Pages

Permalinks Setup

Regardless of what you want to create.

Powerful features jam-packed in one little plugin...

  • Bulk Delete Users
  • Policy & Disclaimer Pages
  • All Affiliate Pages
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Create Blank Pages
  • Bulk Create Blank Posts
  • Create Blank Categories
  • Setup Permalinks

Plus more importantly..

Instant Cleanup / Reset

Give life to your old wordpress site and have it market ready in a few clicks.

Import All Settings

Back up each and every settings you changed from inside the plugin

Export All Settings

Use the backup from old site and your new site will be market ready instantly, voila!

No more struggle…
No more wondering what’s missing....

Just click one button and have your site completely set up and ready for the search engines. The best part is being able to do things in a click and and get things going faster than your competitors.  

Imagine giving a new life to those sites that are sitting there eating dust and make them ready for Google domination because Google loves websites with all necessary contents and permalinks.  

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your brand new websites would also have the same previlige and they earn their reputation .

A few clicks with this plugin can really boost your rankings.

Its all about how much you value yourself and your time.  If you don't, then this is not for you. 

Do you remember deleting posts and pages that you don’t like, then deleting comments, changing settings etc etc?

Then you create pages and then fill them with content and by the time you have setup a site ready to write a post on, you have already drained yourself out.

What made me create this plugin?

I own a fair few wordpress based sites and to set them up
I have spent more than half an hour, sometimes even an hour figuring things out.

This happens to me all the time and I consider myself a professional.

Setting up a wordpress site should not be that time consuming. We should rather be actually
focussing on things that matter the most.

And that’s why we went ahead and created WP Automator!

It is one of the smartest plugin in the history of wordpress automation.

This is the one plugin that will save you thousands of dollars in wasted time and money in no time.

I was like you until I created this plugin.
Now, whenever I have to create a new wordpress site,
I install this plugin, upload the backup and

BOOM! I have a brand new market ready site in a click.

Let's see some of its awesome features

Reset Your Wordpress site to a brand new install.


Delete posts, create bulk blank posts in just a click.


Create all needed pages from one screen, personalised to you and your site.

Manage and create your
Affiliate pages in just a click.


Instantly Backup and
export all the changes you made to your site.

Use The backup to set up your next site, with one click, personalised to your new settings.

And heck, it will even create a contact form in your
 contact us page so you dont have to.

The plugin will build a contact form in your contact-us page. Talk about Automation. 

To make the deal even sweeter, I have thrown in some hefty bonuses for you. Its all about taking
action now.

Sales Copy Pro

Create all of the very same sales pages that you have seen the “internet gurus” using for years to make fortunes.

Sales pages are so common and used by many different marketing professionals for one reason: they work, they work, they work! In the extremely competitive world of internet marketing and product sales, it is absolutely essential to have engaging and eye-catching sales pages to set you and your product apart from the rest.

SalesCopyPro offers just that, and much more! In addition to having the convenience of using 100% unique sales page templates and styles, you have the freedom of adding your own specialized content that caters to whatever subject or idea you want. 

It is a self hosted app and not a wordpress plugin. 

Value : $ 147

Optimize your videos for leads and sales

Utilize the "pattern interupt" technique to convert viewers of your video into leads, sales and grow your traffic with social buttons.

Simply add a shortcode instead long complicated code!

You are getting access to features that YouTube simply cannot give you. You can collect emails, get social traffic with hover share buttons, make sales with Call to Action popup and even target your customers with the RIGHT video.

Value : $ 97

WP Engage Plus 

A Tremendously Powerful And Deadly-Effective WP Plugin.... Discover EXACTLY What Your Visitors Are Thinking About Your Blog, Products Or Services And Use That Information To Your Advantage!

  • WP Engage + is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys.

    You can basically create these polls and surveys into any page or post on your WP - quickly and easily.

    Basically, this wonderful tool will allow you to understand what your visitors are thinking about your blog and, as you might know, this is the "formula" to success.

    Value : $ 97

Take action now and we will include all the above bonuses worth a retail value of upto $264 for free.

But we cannot maintain this low price for a very long time. 

WP Automator Plugin

WP Automator Plugin Pro

The Early Bird Price Ends in

Our Unconditional 14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

We're pretty sure once you start using
WP Automator, you won't even feel like looking back. 

If you have any technical issues while using the WP Automator  plugin within the first 14 days of your purchase and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Our satisfaction guarantee applies to all technical issues as well.

We will help you through any issues you may arise while using the plugin, so you’re in good hands and your purchase is protected. Nnot to mention you will get your hands on all future updates as well.

To Your Success..

Bijay Ghimire

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What Exactly is WP Automator?

WP Automator Plugin is a WordPress plugin that installs into your existing wordpress site. You can use this to set up all the mundane settings before you site is ready to have content on it.  It will install pages and create posts and set up permalinks and do almost everything you need. It has two sections ( pro license ) where one is a wizard and second one is tools section that you can use later as individual tools.

Is this newbie friendly? 

Yes! We built this so that anyone, even newbies could use this. Literally all you have to do is select a few options and then click ONE button and WpFreshstart 3.0 will go to work for you. And just in case you run into ANY problems, we have step by step training videos to guide you every step of the way.

How long will it take me to get up and running?

You can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes when you follow our simple tutorials. 

Are there any monthly fees?

Not right now. You can get WP Automator for a low, one-time investment when you say "yes" today. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars (depending on the number of wordpress installation you own) when compared with all the time you spend or hire someone to do it for you.

Are there any OTOs / upsells?

Yes, there are two licenses that we are offering as OTOs. First is a developers license and the second one is a resellers license. Just like any upsell, these purchases are optional but they definitely help take things to the NEXT level.

Do I need to be technically savvy to use this plugin?

Nope, as long as you know how to install a plugin in Wordpress, you are good to go. Even if you dont know that, we have over the shoulder video that will show you exactly what and how. Even if you can't figure things out, shoot us an email and we will take care of it.

What License / Right am I getting via this offer page?

On this page we are offering two types of licenses. One is for the lite version of the plugin that does not include Import, Export, Help Button and Tools section. The second one is a pro version that will include everything mentioned. In terms of how many sites, you will be able to use the license key to install on 3 installations that you own. This is a personal license.

Will this work on Mac or PC or Linux?

Since this is a Wordpress plugin, this will work anywhere. Its not computer or operating system dependent on its own as it is installed into your wordpress installation. 

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